Becoming a Literary Citizen, Facing Munro

The essence of literary citizenship is to shine a light on others. Very happy to see that Alison Barker found her way to for this post for the Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop. Very happy to be mentioned and shine a little light on Lighthouse. They do great things there.

The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog

Sometimes a Lighthouse craft experience shows its great value after a bit of time has passed. Lauren Groff brought a lot of game to the Lighthouse Grotto last month. Since her visit, my writerly engines have put-putted along on the fuel of inspiration and literary compassion she emanated.

I had intended to use two blog posts to cover the goodness that flowed from the Groff Fly-By Writers’ weekend. I thought I would try to pluck several activities and gems from her two craft tribunals, Narrative Structure and the Art of Narrative Time to  provide practical advice and exercises for those Lighthouse members who weren’t able to attend the weekend. And then I let a lot of time pass after my first post, a hurried, enthusiastic summary of her teaching approach, the aura-stamp left on my notebook from her teacher vibe, if you will.

As I returned to my Groff notes…

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