Literary Citizenship




Have Read:

Discussion: What is Literary Citizenship?

In-class Activity: NetGalley and Survey.

Guest: Jeff Eads, Assistant Director of the Ball State Career Center

Have Read:

  • Model Website & Blogs (in Drive)
  • Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist
  • Carolyn See, “Charming Notes”

Discussion: Results of survey

In-class Activity: Website and Blog 


Have Read:

  • “Being Online” links on
  • Day, 20 Answers to the Question “What do I blog about?” (in Drive)
  • Day, “Hanging Your Shingle” (in Drive)
  • Chuck Sambuchino, “12 Principles of Platform”
  • Betsy Lerner, Forest for the Trees, pp. 1-10 (Intro) and Chapters 7, “Making Contact,” and 8, “Rejection”

Due: Your website/blog is up. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Be prepared to show the class.

Due: Blog Post #1 on “Why I Took This Class.” (Be sure that “Why I Took This Class” is NOT the headline.)

1/30                          Group 1 Must post

 Have read:

  • Lerner, Chapter 9, “What Editors Want,” and Chapter 10, “What Authors Want”
  • Richard Marek, “How Books are Chosen: What Goes into an Editorial Decision”
  • Eckstutt and Sterry, “The Perfect Pitch”

2/6                               Group 2 Must post

Have Read:

  • Dan Blank, “Grow Your Audience,”
  • Lerner, Chapter 11, “The Book,” and Chapter 12, “Publication”
  • Calvani and Edwards, Slippery Art of Book Reviewing, 1-72

2/13                                                    GROUP 3 MUST POST

Have Read:

  • “Reviewing Others” links on LitCit blog
  • Jennifer Egan, “Pure Language”
  • Calvani and Edwards, 73-131
  • Zambrano, Loteria pp. 1-121

2/20                           Group 1 Must post               

Have Read:

  • “Ethics of Reviewing” links on LitCit blog
  • Calvani and Edwards 132-185
  • Zambrano, Loteria, pp. 122-end

2/27                             Group 2 Must post

                  Due: 500-1000 word book review distributed to your small group 24 hours in advance. Read and mark up before class.

3/6                         Group 3 Must post

Have read:

  • “Interviewing Others” links on lit cit blog

Midterm Assessment of Blog: Turn in 1 post to be graded

3/13         Spring Break

3/20         In Print Week                     Group 1 Must post

Required Events:

  • In Print Reading: Tuesday, March 18, Student Center Ballroom, 7:30 PM
  • In Print Panel on Writing and Publishing: Student Center Ballroom, Wednesday, March 19, 7:30 PM

And you must go to at least one classroom visit:

  • Mario Zambrano, Wed. March 20, 3:00-4:00 PM (Day’s 407, place TBA)
  • T Fleischman, TBA
  • Natalie Shapero, TBA
  • Jodee Stanley, TBA

3/27                                    Group 2 Must post

Special guests TBA


4/10         Now, Submit your work: The Cover Letter, the Query Letter               Group 3 Must post           

Have Read: Sample Cover Letters and Query Letters

Due: Draft of one of the above

4/17         Group 1 Must post

                  Have read: Sample websites of agents, editors, and manuscript consultants.

Assignment: Create a document that features you as a faux agent, editor, or manuscript consultant, similar to an “ABOUT” page with photo and first- or third-person biography. Present yourself professionally; describe what you’re interested in receiving, and present clear guidelines about how you’d like to receive submissions. To maintain anonymity, this will be done ON PAPER, not email/digital. The students in my novel-writing class will review your bios and guidelines, pick 3 or 4 of you, and submit their query +first 10 pages to you on 4/24.

4/24                                        Groups 2 and 3 Must post           

In-class review of submitted manuscripts. Discuss types of responses.


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