You Can Help

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Here’s how you can help me, faithful reader

  • Subscribe to the Lit Cit blog (see “Follow us via email”).
  • Check in regularly, share and retweet our posts. The more traffic the blog receives, the more excited my students will be and the more motivated they’ll be to write posts worthy of being posted to the site.
  • Use the hashtag #litcitizen to document your own acts of literary citizenship or to categorize tweets my students might find interesting.
  • Talk about the topic of literary citizenship on your own blog. Use the hashtag #litcizen so I can find it. If your post fits into one of our categories, I’ll reblog it or cross post it here. Here’s a collection of posts about Definitions of literary citizenship, for example.

Why you should come back a lot during Spring 2013

Literary Citizenship is a very different kind of hub for a different kind of class. Me talking to students. An opportunity for my students to get increased traffic to their own blogs, their own hubs. Note that there’s a drop down menu “Who We Are” that takes you to their blogs. Follow along and be a fellow literary citizen.

The difference between other course blogs I’ve created (such as #amnoveling) and this one, Literary Citizenship, is that I will only post (or cross post) the best of what my students write–not every damn thing they write. 

This, I hope, makes your trip to the site worth your while.

This blog is outward, not inward focused

In order to be published on this site, students must write posts that fit the categories, which are all outward focused:


  1. Online Community
  2. Attend/Organize Literary Events
  3. Interview Writers
  4. Review Books
  5. Other? Create a category


  1. Definitions
  2. Shining Examples

I’ve limited the blogs categories in this way so that they will blog about something other than themselves, so that the mantra of the course will be upheld:



2 Comments on “You Can Help”

  1. Layne Ransom says:

    Excited to see what you guys have to say/rave about!

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