The Art of the Book Review

Here’s a great roundup about the art of book reviewing. This is what I really want my students to understand: that to REALLY review a book is to embrace a new art form with seriousness of purpose and a commitment to do it well.

Linda Taylor: Teacher, Editor, Publishing Professional

I just got off the phone with my friend, L. Marie, who recently created a blog, “Thoughts about writing and life.” I’m thrilled that she’s blogging! We chatted about Literary Citizenship and how she needs this online presence in order to impress the agents where she’s currently shopping her young adult fantasy book. She has an MFA and is a terrific writer—but she realized that she needed to get online and join the literary world. I talked to her all about what we’re doing in our class; we talked through WordPress and how to add hyperlinks and tags. She’s on a roll now!

She’s also an avid reader, so I encouraged her to do reviews of books (her current blog is a movie review that ties into her writing). And wouldn’t you know it, our Lit Cit class is talking about that very topic this week. Book reviews are…

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3 Comments on “The Art of the Book Review”

  1. […] Cathy Day’s literary citizenship blog directed me here, to Linda Taylor’s blog post about writing book […]

  2. Amy Morgan says:

    The timing of this is incredible. Thank you for this nuts and bolts guide to book reviews, something I have been struggling with the past week or so!

  3. tracycembor says:

    I agree it is important to give book reviews, especially for the newly published authors or for books that are just released. I try to post on Goodreads or Amazon when I finish a book. Now if I just had more time to read…

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