Mo Smith shares the advice from Steal Like an Artist that resonated with her the most.

Medley of Mo

I recently read Austin Kleon’s Steal Like An Artist for my Literary Citizenship class and found it very useful. I ordered the book through Amazon, when it arrived I flipped through it, noticing the non-traditional format. I thought this won’t take long to get through, so I waited until the last minute to read it. This was a mistake. Although it’s a quick read, there were some “thinker” moments. When I sat down with it, I had to reach for my sticky tabs immediately, and then a highlighter. Eventually I gave up on marking the quotes that struck a chord because I would have had to mark almost all of it.


There’s some great advice to be found in these pages. Of the many things that resonated with me, the following few were at the top of the list, so, in no particular order…

Memorable Moments:

“School is…

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